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Personalizable comfort

Personalisierbarer Komfort




Is the ski boot pinching at the ankle? Are your toes squashed? Do you get cold feet skiing? Don't you enjoy skiing anymore?

Then come and visit us, we are sure that we can help you and that you can enjoy the most beautiful time of the year, your holiday. We will be happy to advise you when buying ski boots or in case of problems.


You will receive your appointment directly in the shop!

What is Vacuum Fit

Ski boot that adapts 100 %! With Fischer VACUUM FIT technology, for the first time a complete anatomical adjustment of the complete boot in a previously unattained quality is possible. The basis for this is the new, patented Fischer Vacu-Plast material. The simple and for the customer comfortable adjustment takes about 20 minutes and offers a high process reliability.



The first insole that takes the strain off your feet, improves your skiing performance and can be customized to fit your feet with award-winning Flashfit technology. Recommended by Olympic cross-country and alpine skiers and snowboard champions. The Snow + Race is handmade in France, it integrates the Flash Fit technology and can be individually adapted to your feet on the Flashstation.



After adjusting a Custom Insole to your foot, you will notice that you have a much better stance and that your body weight is distributed over the entire foot. Should any pressure points still occur, they will be marked precisely and expertly extended by our boat fitter. Now nothing stands in the way of fun while driving.

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